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Complete our short online assessment and you will receive a free report from our team of specialists that will include a market commentary on what is happening right now in your location.

Remember, the market valuation is what buyers are paying right now for the homes around you, maybe in the same street as you.

So find out today what your property is worth before you spend thousands of dollars into the home repairs or renovations.

Wouldn’t you rather know now, before you do the work and/or put your home on the market?

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Our Process

How Does This Work?

As a home owner you want an idea of what your home can sell for on the market. You complete our online assessment to learn about your property

We connect you to a licensed local real estate agent professional to provide you with an up to date property apprisal or property valuation.

We select the top agent in your area who will provide a detailed report showing recent sales, comparable homes as well provide you advice on what the best method of sale to achieve the highest possible price.

About Us

Here at Best Estate, we know that moving is a big decision…

We are Brisbane based and work right across Australia helping property owners and investors sell their home…

Before you decide to sell your home, get the right advice from one of our qualified professional agents!

When we connect you with the perfect agent for your location you can choose between a property valuation report (delivered via email) or if you want an extra personal touch you can arrange a free on-site appraisal with your chosen agent! 

Whether you’re upgrading, downgrading, moving cities or selling an investment property, you always want to to be armed with as much information as possbile before you make you decision. That’s why we’re here to help.

*All our agents are licensed real estate agents in their respective localities.

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Clients Say


We sold our house for about ten thousand dollars above reserve!


Kritsofer Nolan

I sold my house for $120,000 more than I expected.


Kritsofer Nolan